Women of the World India event

The Women of the World came to Mumbai, performed on stage and won the hearts
of the people with their magnificent performances.
Currently the Women of the World band is touring India, delivering performances in
5 major cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune. Organized by Berklee
India exchange, this event was a part of the 5 th Berklee Tandon Global Clinics. The
concert took place in collaboration with  Furtados School of Music and NMIMS on 12th
Aug in Mumbai. The band received an overwhelming response from a whooping 500
people who attended the event.
This internationally acclaimed quartet unites 4 women from 4 various distinctive
and cultural backgrounds from all over the world. Band members Annette Phillip
from India, Ayumi Ueda from Japan, Giorgia Renosto from Italy and Debo Ray from
Haiti/USA are on a mission to spread love and joy through their unique style of
delivering music performances all over the world.
The Women of the World, true to their name brought along with them music from
all over the world and enthralled the audiences with their awe inspiring
performance during the concert in Mumbai. The band is very popular for performing
original and traditional folk music with a contemporary twist in 32 different
They also hosted a workshop wherein an enthusiastic crowd of almost 100 people
attended this workshop and learnt quite a lot. In the workshop the Women of the
World band members mentored the attendees by giving them a basic
understanding of music. They introduced practice exercises and vocal exercises
during the workshop. The band also helped the audience to understand and
establish a connection between thoughts and expression with vocals. In this fun
filled and engaging workshop the audience learnt a lot about music and expression
through music.
NMIMS invited the band for their official launch of the 3 year degree program in
music. The band members gladly participated in the event and shared some
valuable insights with the new batch of joiners.
If you ever get a chance to participate in any concert by the Women of the World,
please do not miss it.
You witness a masterpiece when you hear these beautiful women create a
symphony on stage with their eloquent synchronization. And the end result renders
you speechless – every time for every song they sing.

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