Can “anyone” learn to sing?

Singing is often thought to be a talent and up to a certain extent it is. However the answer to this big question is “Yes”. Everybody can sing and I don’t mean in a bathroom singing kind of way but yes everybody can sing if they desire to. Research confirms that more than being an inborn talent, singing is a learned skill which anyone can acquire.

There are quite a few factors that could affect one’s singing potential:

Musical training:

Growing up I used to think that I have the potential to sing, however I didn’t really do much about it and now when I try to sing people want to shut their ears and leave. This happens because bad or average singers lack musical training. Musical training can help aspiring singers to have good motor control of their vocal muscles. A good music training program can also help people discover their voice and help with details such as being able to match their voice to the desired note and match pitch with an instrument.

And then there are biological factors. Some people are just better eqipped physically to sing. The structure of their vocal chords and larnyx and the size of their skull determine how a person sounds. People with a perfect structure may find it easier to sing. However that surely doesn’t mean that others cant sing.

Growing up in a musical environment really helps a person give an edge towards learning music. How else can you explain families who have been into music for generations. Their offspring grows up surrounded by music all the time and that automatically creates a music learning culture for an individual.


“the deaf fool kept on climbing the mountain because he couldn’t hear others shouting that the mountain cannot be climbed”. Mental boundaries can do a lot more damage to an individual than the physical limitations. One can get easily get discouraged if they are labelled as “bad singers” and may give up trying.

You are not as bad at singing as you may think

So what steps can you take to acquire this skill?

  • Keep singing. As we mentioned earlier singing is a learned skill. Through practice any individual can learn to sing on key.
  • Learn to use the right muscles. Improve motor control over your voice. A good music training class will really teach you how to do this.
  • Perform in low key opportunities for singing. That way you wont feel the pressure of being judged.

And as a support towards other people who are learning to sing, especially towards kids, stop telling them they cannot sing. Your one simple comment will have a negative effect on their self image and can end up demotivating them forever.
So if you have the desire to sing and want to do something more than just being a bathroom singer you can start by joining a good music class. Start simple, start small. That’s all it takes.

So if you have the desire to sing and want to do something more than just being a bathroom singer you can start by joining a good music class. Start simple, start small. That’s all it takes.

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