Workshops by Guthrie Govan – A legendary musician

There are some people in the world who live for the sake of their passion and continue burning the lamp by spreading their knowledge and art to those who are eager to know more and learn.

Guthrie Govan is a blazed flame from the world of guitar. He is not just a Guitar Maestro but also a great teacher who has trained a lot of guitar enthusiasts with the zeal equivalent to his solo play. In 2006, he released his first solo album “Erotic Cakes” which was very well received by everyone. Currently he is on a world tour with legendary composer Hans Zimmer delivering guitar performances all over the world.

This November, Furtados school of Music had the pleasure of having Guthrie Govan as a guest teacher for a series of workshops conducted in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and at each of these locations the kind of response we received from the participants was unanimous – an overwhelming and welcoming acknowledgement to Guthrie’s guitar style and teaching.
His workshop in FSM’s Mumbai center was a great success. The audience felt that it was an evening well spent in the company of such a talented guitarist. We had over seventy music enthusiast’ participating in the workshop just to witness the magic of Guthrie with his Guitar.

During the course of the workshop, Guthrie played some of his famous and highly acclaimed guitar tracks. Post his guitar performance; he shared his life journey with the audience. He also talked about how carnatic music has influenced his guitar playing style. One of the main features of the evening was the guitar practice modules which he shared with the audience.

By the time the event reached its peak, the audiences were short of words in their appreciation of this experience.

Furtados School of Music is proud to be associated with Guthrie Govan. This was his second year of conducting workshop in our centers and we are already looking forward to his next visit.

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