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Music Matters ! Research shows that learning music can help children excel immensely. It facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas. We provide a holistic music education to K-12 students through an internationally acclaimed & structured music curriculum.

Our offering :

  • Well-trained and qualified music teachers are provided by FSM to execute the program; which removes any Human Resource related issues for the school.
  • All infrastructure including pianos, guitars, etc. are provided by FSM without any cost to the school. Each child has access to his own individual instrument during class.
  • The progress of each child is tracked and assessed; and the same is communicated to the school management and parents on a periodic basis
  • We strive to create a thriving musical environment in schools, designed to be fun & engaging with use of audio-visual resources in classrooms.
  • We provide children the opportunity to perform via annual recitals.
  • We organise live performances by established artistes to give exposure and motivation to the students.
  • We provide regular updates to the parent community on music & education.
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Our Curriculum covers:
  • Instrument Specialisation (which includes piano, guitar, keyboards, drums, violin & recorder)
  • Vocals (using the Kodaly method)
  • Theory of Music
  • History of Music
  • Based on the interest and inclination of the students we also prepare students for globally accredited examination boards including Trinity College, London.

Your school can choose between two curriculum options:

  • International Performers Curriculum (IPC): This is a performance based curriculum focusing on instrument learning skills using internationally acclaimed methodology. This gives students of all ages the opportunity to learn in a classroom environment, piano and performance skills, music theory and appreciation, music history and world music. Students will be given the opportunity to progress further by taking performance examinations, individual instrumental lessons and participate in our numerous concerts and recitals. Instrument specialisation in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, & Drums.
  • International Music Curriculum (IMC): Children from the ages of five through to IGCSE and IB levels will benefit from this comprehensive programme covering all aspects of music. The three core elements taught are performing, listening and appraising and composition. This unique curriculum includes performance skills, music history, music theory and analysis, music appreciation, vocal and choral skills, composition skills and world music. Mainly vocals and percussion instruments such as recorders.