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  • Age Group 4 years onwards
  • Description of Programme

    The piano is widely employed in all genres of music for solo and ensemble performances, accompaniment, and for composing and rehearsal. Although the piano is not portable, its versatility and ubiquity have made it one of the world's most familiar musical instruments. It is one of the most popular instruments for learning instruction at a young age as it develops a child’s ability to think critically as well as creatively and also provides tremendous benefits to children's emotional and behavioral advancement. The learning of the piano has absolutely no age bar and therefore proves to be the perfect instrument of learning for both young and old.
    FSM brings you an innovative and holistic early musicianship program based on an interesting amalgamation of various creative methods of music education. Piano learning not only covers basic and advanced teaching of the instruments but also offers a very rounded development covering Music Theory, History of Music, Composition, Ear Training and other elements. The FSM curriculum attempts to guide students to a mastery of several skill sets in various styles of music. The group environment motivates students to come together in learning and provides the perfect foil to excel towards an advanced level. Individual solo classes are also available.
    Structure / Duration:
    The Curriculum is structured in progressive levels of difficulty. The duration for each semester is 20 weeks.  Students can work towards taking an examination from renowned International boards like Trinity College, London, at the end of their course.
    FSM offers the best infrastructure with a mix of acoustic and digital pianos at all our centres. Individual pianos for each student is the norm whether in a group or solo environment.
    Performance & Opportunity :
    Opportunities for performance development include recitals and annual concerts. 

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